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isnt that a panic at the disco album

I don’t know if anyone is up right now. It’s 2:02 am. I work at 11 am. The person I love and have been with for a very long time said a lot of hurtful things to me tonight. Everytime some new video game comes out it seems like he is so angry and mean to me. I left my things at his house..he lives far far and I needed to get them. I also wanted to see him because I work all day, everyday. He was resistant to leaving this Destiny game but agreed to meet me. The second I brought up that he’s been mean and it’s not healthy to play games for 4 days all day and night and he should look for a job so we can afford our apartment we want he walked out. Started calling me names like stupid bitch, dumb, and told me to get lost before he hits me.

I feel like I don’t even know this person. My brother also gets very mean and angry from video games, I have seen it. I just feel depressed right now and really could use someone to talk to. It seems everyone i know is asleep. :( wish i could make this emptiness and pain in my chest go away, On top of it I have surgery next week for a breathing issue. I am really stressed. In need of a friend right now.


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